I Am NOT a Geek. Mostly

I have eight computers in my home. Not counting my iPad, my Android phone, the cheap knock-off Androd tablet, my gonzo laptop or my oldest son’s laptop.

Eight desktop computers. Four of them run Windows 7, one runs Vista, and the last three run XP. Why do I need eight computers?

There’s my computer in my office. I have two 24-inch monitors set up. That’s really nice. I do my work on there, and also use it as a test machine for work, testing competitive antivirus software. I have to have that one.

I have a separate computer to pay the bills on. I find I’m much happier when all of the bills and financial records are someplace else instead of the place I do all of my work. Gotta have that one.

Then there’s the Windows 7 machine in the living room. It’s hooked up to the wide screen TV, plus it’s own monitor. I can watch video streaming of racing and practice sessions, cool YouTube videos in huge size, plus my son plays most of his games on that one. It’s a dual-core Windows 7 machine, and I copied most of my DVDs onto that machine. Just in case. I used it for Netflix for a while, but I cancelled the service because the movie selection isn’t where it needs to be yet.

Then there’s the racing simulator. I built a little driving simulator box out of plywood. I have a monitor and an XP machine for that. My son practically owns that. He’s into his kick of Formula 1 and IndyCar and races the heck out of it. I’ve also got a couple of flying games on there and it doubles as a flying simulator too. Can’t get rid of that one.

There’s another computer in the living room. It’s an older XP machine. It was a great box 7 or 8 years ago. It was the “family” computer and my oldest son loaded all of his war games on it. Now my youngest son’s friends use it when the youngest is monopolizing the good computer. I guess I could get rid of that one, but then it is helpful.

I have a computer in my son’s room. He doesn’t really need it, he spends more time in the living room, but I had an extra when I upgraded to three new Windows 7 64-bit boxes, and it still works great, so why not?

I have a computer in my garage. How many guys can say that? I have a nice garage–two full size rolling tool cabinets, a rolling rack of parts and supplies, a small wall-mounted tubing caddy with six rolls of different sizes of tubing. There’s the air compressor with three outlets. Two workbenches, shelves for manuals and such, a grinder, a small drill press, oxy-acetylene torch, portable sand blaster. Like I said, I have a nicely equipped garage. I need a computer in there too. When I’m working on one of my vehicles and I need a part, or to find an answer to something, it’s right there. It’s an old XP box that I upgraded to Windows 7. It needs to be downgraded back to XP because it’s slow on Windows 7, even with 2GB of RAM.

And of course, there’s my writing computer. I have a desk in my bedroom where I right. It’s a nice desk, built it myself. Black marble top with a 4″ wide oak border along the top edge and oak legs, all stained in mahogany. When I go in the room I shut the rest of the world away and I’m free to create.

I think my oldest son sleeps with his laptop. It goes with him everywhere. It was a Christmas present with the grandparents, aunts and uncles chipping in with dad (yours truly) pulling it off. Yes, there still is a Santa Claus. So that makes nine.

I have a laptop for work. If I want to do something in front of the TV instead of in my office I’ll use the laptop. That makes ten.

The iPad is an experiment in the Apple world. I’ve forbidden my youngest from using it, for the obvious reasons. I do use it at home, although I spend more time using it for note-taking at work. I’ll play around with it sometimes at home, and it’s real convenient for accessing my work email, which is synced to it. That makes eleven.

Really, I could do with less. I could make do with my office computer, my bill-paying computer, my writing computer, living room computer, the simulator, the garage computer. I couldn’t POSSIBLY do without any of those! That gets it down to six, plus three part-timers, which makes nine.

What would happen if I had a computer in every bedroom and the kitchen? Plus laptops and mobile devices?

My house is starting to resemble a small office.

At least I only have four TVs. One in the living room, one in my office, one in my son’s room and one in the garage. I have to have one in the garage–I can keep up with the racing and football while I’m working on an important project. At least I don’t have one in my bedroom!

It’s hard to believe there used to be a day when one TV was a luxury. And it wasn’t even in color.

Okay, maybe I am a geek. Just a little.


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