Everyone Should Own a Jaguar Once in Their Life

I am a car fanatic. I love sports cars. Cars that are fast, handle well, and deliver passion to the driving experience. I’m particular to BMWs, I’ve owned several. They live up to the motto, “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Corvettes, Cobras, Vipers, Ferraris. Lamborghini and Maserati. All make the blood boil. My favorite car design is the Ferrari 250 GTO. But the sexiest car, by far, is the Jaguar XKE.


Others seem to think so–restored examples sell in the $75,000-plus range. They were made in a fastback version (the first true “hatchback”?) or convertible, V12 or straight six. I’m partial to the straight six. It’s not as fast in a straight line but it’s lightweight, which means there is less weight on the front end and the car handles better.

Taking it for a drive on a twisty country road is something special. When it was launched, it set the world on fire as the sports car. It’s end to that title came when Datsun released the 240Z, a rocketship of a sports car in its day.

But the Jag is something special. How is it that a country known for it’s staunch conservatism designed a car like the XKE? A car that makes the driver one with the machine? A car that is so sexy everyone loves it?

The essence of that car, and its predecessors, the XK120 and XK140, live on in Jaguars. Sure, the company had quality problems for a long while but that got ironed out when Ford bought them and took over. Owning one can be expensive, as parts are nearly as dear as a Mercedes and more than a BMW, and all more expensive than Mustang Cobra or Corvette parts.

But there’s something special about a Jag. “Grace and pace” is their motto. The ride is unlike any other. Their sports versions–XJR and XKR–bring downright performance to the table while maintaining a very smooth ride.

You may not be able to afford a Jag forever. But I recommend owning one for a while. It’s like dating an actress or a supermodel–you may not be able to afford the cost, but it sure is fun while it lasts and you’ll always look back with fond memories.

Own a Jag once in your life. Suffer the repair costs, the little things that might drive you nuts. Savor the sweet sensation of the ride, how it drives, how you feel when you’re at the wheel. Grace and pace, fast and elegant. You deserve it.

Fill your life with the motoring experience of a Jaguar. If you really want to experience the full Monty, get an R version. But I warn you, it will spoil you forever.


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