Jaguar Part II

I bought a Jag.

A full-time job, class several nights a week, trying to get published and being a single dad half the week isn’t enough, so I hooked up with my friends Denny, Pierre and Mike who have a used-car dealership.

(CC Motors on Drew St. Small promo spot here.)

Last week, after writing about the passion for owning a Jaguar, I bought an XK8 convertible at a dealer auction. It had a few things wrong with it and I spent last weekend fixing them and cleaning it up. There’s a few things left to do and then it’ll be up for sale. It looks like this, but without the girl.

I got to drive it home, then last night over to the lot where the guys can do the detailing.

It was a nice drive, after the sun had set with the temps in the mid 70s, humidity down to tolerable levels here in Florida. The engine purrs, there’s pretty good acceleration, the wind is nicely deflected away. The stereo has a really nice sound. A worthy car to drive to the beach or the country club.

A tempting car to keep.

What do you think? Should I keep this one for myself and sell my little 3-series BMW?

Anything is possible…




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