Writer’s Conference Day One

Friday was a LONG day. Up at 4:15 am, fly out to the west coast, conference until 9:00 and then over to Montrose where I’m staying with friends.

I learned a lot today. Publishing is an interesting business. It’s not enough to write a world-class novel, there’s a whole separate technology on getting an agent to represent an up and coming Author and getting published.

I learned that 97% of self-published authors sell less than 100 books. Ouch! Saturday, among other presentations, is the Pitch Slam. It’s like speed dating, a 3 minute session with an agent, as many agents as possible within the one hour time slot, where several hundred of us will be striving to be that break-out author.

Today I learned much about what an agent wants to hear, and how to present to agents. There’s about 20 agents who will be at the Pitch Slam. There’s several hundred Author hopefuls. The agents are looking for that magic “spark” in a book that will become a commercial success. Is mine one of them?

Despite the LONG day, the physical drain, it’s been a productive day. Saturday will no doubt be very interesting as well.


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