Curt was born in Detroit and grew up in Southfield, Michigan. Growing up in the country had a lot of advantages: tromping through the fields and woods, fishing in the river, skating on the ice in the winter, falling through the ice when it was too thin, baseball in the fields. A stint in Boy Scouts and as a caddie gave him a love of the outdoors and an interest in golf.

Before getting his driver’s license, there was a Yamaha 250 twin street motorcycle that he rode through the woods and fields until getting his license, when he was finally liberated to ride on the streets.

In high school, for reasons unknown, he joined the wrestling team where he managed to earn a Varsity letter by the slimmest of margins. He spent four years in the high school choir, three years of French and took an Art of the Motion Picture class where he made a movie of–what else–his ’69 Mustang pulling bleach burnouts in front of the school. He spent the majority of his high school education studying a math and science curriculum in preparation for Mechanical Engineering at Lawrence Tech.

During his college years he learned how to restore cars, working on Corvettes, a Pierce-Arrow, a Packard, a pair of old Pontiacs, several T-birds and more. It’s during this period that he bought his ’69 Mach 1 and did a wild custom paint job on it.

He went out to Los Angeles for a couple of months and ended up living there for three years. He moved back to Detroit because the automotive drafting business was going like gangbusters and he doubled his income. When you’re young, doubling one’s income is a big deal.

An exciting career in the auto industry gave him the opportunity to travel the world. Trips to Canada, Mexico, England, Germany and Brazil widened his horizons and introduced him to the world at large. It also convinced him that he wanted to live some place besides Detroit and in 2001 he moved to Clearwater, Florida by way of Phoenix. Since moving to Florida he’s made several trips to the Caribbean and did his first (and so far only) scuba dive in Bonaire.

Downtown Mackinac Island
Picture taken by Curt

Before moving to Florida he “discovered” Mackinac Island and it remains one of his all-time favorite places in the world. Considering how many places he’s lived and traveled to, that’s saying something.

He’s extremely fond of his fully equipped (but somewhat messy) garage, his classic Infinity speakers and his house overlooking a pond and a park. He’s got 8 computers: one in the garage, two in a couple of bedrooms, two in his office and three in the living room. One of these is hooked up to the wide screen TV and another is set up as a driving and flying simulator. His youngest son has adopted the simulator, while his oldest son prefers League of Legends.

At the Ferrari store in Milano, Italy

Between his career in the antivirus industry, writing in his spare time, volunteer work with his church and raising two boys, his life is pretty full. He’s currently planning his next round of adventures. Once thing is certain: it will have something to do with speed.


2 thoughts on “Personal

  1. Gerald Slade says:

    I think the camp you stayed at may have been ours, Slades III. Was your father’s name Roger?

    If so, I think I may have a photo of you and your dad at the camp, but I’m not sure. I am away from home for the winter, but if you like I can try to find the photo when I return in the spring.

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