Curt’s Interests

Curt was lucky enough to caddy in the 54th PGA Championship at Oakland Hills Country Club in Birmingham, MI in 1972 for Ted Denham, a club pro from Tacoma, WA, who made it through qualifying and earned a spot in the field. In that era, local caddies were used and Curt had the opportunity to be part of history. Unfortunately, Ted missed the cut but this resulted in getting Curt free admittance for Saturday and Sunday where he watched the greats play the game.

An early love for golf didn’t translate into prowess as a player, and as young boys will do, Curt became enamored with cars. Particularly Mustangs. He’s owned 16, 15 of them 1964-1/2 thru 1969–including a ’69 Shelby GT350 that he shouldn’t have sold, and a 1998 SVT Cobra. He spent his college years apprenticing in auto restoration under Tim Walling and learned to appreciate the art of the motorcar. He tried his hand owning a sports car shop, working on Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce along with more mundane vehicles, but found working on cars for a living wasn’t nearly as fun as playing around with cars for a hobby.

In between he learned to fly and learned to sail. He’s earned a private pilot’s license with a complex rating (adjustable propeller and retractable gear) and flown in several states. He’s sailed not only on the rather large pond he lived on for many years, but the Great Lakes, Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

While his first novel, White River, is all about flying, other material he’s worked on is interwoven with his interests in planes, cars and boats. He still likes to attend car shows, boat shows and fly-ins and loves looking at classic cars and cool airplanes, but thinks new sailboats are becoming too luxurious and less about the harmony between man, wind and water.

Enjoy the sections on Curt’s interests. Let us know what you’d like to know more about and we’ll scrounge through the dusty archives and see if we can find it for you.


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