Professional Career

Presenting to the Executive level at Chrysler

Curt’s Professional Website:

Curt spent a number of years as an automotive engineer, helping to pioneer and bring to fruition the technology of Dimensional Management. He’s written technical manuals and curricula for Dimensional Management, a technology he helped pioneer and brought to Chrysler. In fact, he wrote the book on the subject for Chrysler. His automotive career spanned all of the Big Three, most of it working for a consulting engineering company that kept him involved in numerous projects at the same time.

He had his hand in every Chrysler car program at one time, plus a truck program. He’s presented to the head honchos at Chrysler and taught classes to factory workers.

The Advisory Council at the opening of the Kansas Technology Center with Sen. Bob Dole

He was a founding member of the National Institute for Aviation Research, as well as published and presented several technical papers for SME, SAE and NIST. A member of the Dean’s Advisory Council at Pittsburgh State University’s College of Technology for over 15 years, he appreciates the opportunity to help students achieve a sound education that will help them achieve rewarding and fulfilling lives.

He had the opportunity to help engineer the body structure on many vehicles, in particular the original Dodge Viper and breakthrough concepts for the Ferrari F360 Modena aluminum spaceframe, concepts that are in use today in the latest aluminum spaceframe Ferraris. Alcoa presented him with an Award of Merit for his work on the F360 and secured a patent in his name for an innovative tooling concept on the Plymouth Prowler frame.

Returning to Michigan from an auto plant in Mexico City one February, only to be met with a roaring blizzard, convinced Curt that he’d had enough of Michigan weather. Of course, spending time in on the West Coast, Florida’s Gulf Coast and other warmer climates around the world had their influence as well.

He moved to Florida and tried his hand owning a sports car shop where he worked on Jags, BMWs, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Porsches, Ferraris as well as more mundane vehicles, but came to the conclusion it was more fun fiddling on cars as a hobby. He went back to engineering in the software industry, where he currently works as a Product Marketing Manager for a security software company. He enjoys the challenges of bringing new products and technologies to market.


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