Curt has three great passions in his life (not counting his family): Flying, Racing and Sailing.

Owning Moondancer, a 1979  Catalina 30 Tall Rig that he refinished, “cured” him of his craving for sailing. While he considers the Catalina 30 a wonderful boat, his misadventures with Moondancer border on the comical. It sailed like a thoroughbred, but like a thoroughbred was temperamental as all get out.

This is not a reflection on the manufacturer or the model, they’re both fabulous, but the neglected maintenance and possibly bad karma from past owners. Of course, it has NOTHING to do with Curt’s talents as a sailor! His story, “Tales of a Reluctant Mariner,” are enjoyable reading for landlubber and old salt alike. You can read the story in The Library.

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Florida’s Gulf Coast is a great place to sail. There’s enough wind most days, the waves are modest and there are dolphins. If they don’t disappear when you pull out the camera…

Curt’s interest in sailing can be found in his short stories and in a novel nearing completion.


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