Short Stories

I like to write novels. I work on them for a while and then a new idea catches my fancy.  In addition to White River I’ve got a couple of novels in various stages of development right now that I work on when I’m inspired to write that particular story. In the meantime, I’ve written a few short stories, either as part of a larger work, to submit for a contest, or just for fun. Here’s a few of my favorites. I hope you like them.  –Curt Larson

Using the menu on the left, hover over “The Library,” then “Short Stories,” then click the story you want to read.

  • Don’t Get Caught: Deke Snyder rescued a princess, but the royal bridegroom didn’t appreciate a swashbuckling renegade appearing on the scene. Deke’s escape is the stuff of legend–or at least a good short story.
  • The Space Race: Darwinius Arbuckle, Danny A. for short, was a space racer on a shoe-string budget trying to win The Great Race to restore his fame and fortune. It’s not easy–especially when someone is plotting against you.
  • A Dream: Anyone can dream. But about Jennifer Aniston? I did. This tale tells a story that may surprise you.
  • The Wind: A privateer captures a merchant ship on the high seas and finds someone he never expected.
  • Jana: Robert must rescue his ex-amore, Jana, who has gone and gotten herself captured. Only she got herself captured to force Robert to rescue her, as she knew he would.
  • Ernie Harwell: The Voice of the Detroit Tigers, the Voice of Michigan.
  • Los Angeles: A brief description of my new mistress.

And just for fun, a couple of poems for you.

  • The Angel: Written when I was a teenager. Is there more to life than the physical world we live in?
  • Star Gaze: Also written when I was a teenager. The search for love throughout the galaxy.
  • There: A fun poem that I once wrote in glow paint on a mural on a wall that looked great under black light. No, I was not intoxicated or otherwise impaired when I wrote this.

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