Star Gaze

I’ve often gazed among the stars
    to find the love I’ve lost
And though by chance I’d find a friend
    our paths have never crossed.

Many’s the path I’ve blazed with sword
    Twelve numbers the galaxies
That I have searched upon my quest
    To find you, my Lady.

I’ve crossed from suns to Sextus V
    Asteroids, black holes, it’s told
I’ve braved dragons, demons and defied
    The Gods for a love so bold.

Lo!  I’ve looked both far and wide
    To seek the Lady of my dreams
And then I’d almost reach her
    Only to find her gone for years.

Brave Dartanian (yes!) once said to me
    “A lady’s often not
Where you expect to find her, friend,
    She’s probably forgot.”

Now Valjus said “To advertise
    It is by far the best.”
Though Odin’s son he ne’er did find
    The lady of his quest.

Jason Lord, his words were wise,
    His methods most precise.
But when upon his fateful quest
   Got trapped not once, but twice!

Many’s the time I thought I’d found
    The one of whom I seek
Only to find after much travail
    It would last for but a week.

Thus my voice would often say
    “True love is never true.”
The very next day if not before
    I’d go back in search of you.

I would climb on shining star
    And shine for all to see
“I am alive, my love, and calling
    Won’t you please come back to me?”

Then would come a Goddess
    my soul would be appeased
We’d laugh and play and then for me
    Came the time to leave.

“Who is this girl?” they’d often ask
    (After I had walked away)
I never knew and so they left
    Me, alone again that day.

I would fly on mournful wings
    my true love lost to me
My heart would pine and I would drift
    Across the infinite sea.

And so at last I’ve struggled home
The search wrought naught for me
But wait!  It’s time to build a home
    You see                                           
I’ve found you, my lady.

©2012 Curt Larson


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