Tales of a Reluctant Mariner

Those who think that a boat is a hole in the water you pour money into should try flying.

Flying is DEFINITELY more expensive, at least for the average Joe.

I bought a Catalina 30 sailboat that I was absolutely gaga over. I knew it needed some work. I couldn’t afford my flying passion at the time, so why not own a nice sailboat? After all, I lived in Clearwater, FL, on the Gulf Coast, a great place to enjoy the water. While the boat could flat out fly in a nice breeze, what I didn’t expect was that the boat had a knack for bad luck.

“Tales of a Reluctant Mariner” recounts my adventures and misadventures sailing her on the west coast of Florida. Some of the circumstances will have you rolling your eyes at my naivete, correctly accusing me of being an idiot, laughing at my misfortunes, and if I’ve done my job halfway decently, giving new mariners an insight at what not to do and how to prepare for life on the water.

“Tales of a Reluctant Mariner” is in rough draft. Graphics are being generated to bring it to publication. -Publisher


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