The Angel

The sun was setting, my day was done.
Dinner fulfilling, beer – I’d had none.
My mind it searched for answers unknown:
Is there a God?  Is mankind alone?
I thought I’d walk and let my thoughts
Untangle, converge and make some sense.
I travelled further than I thought I ought
I just plain got lost in that forest dense.
So when I laid me down to sleep
This vision over me did creep.

I came upon an angel of the Lord
He was standing under an old elm tree
His wing was broken and he asked of me,
“How can I once again be free?”
I inquired if he referred to gravity
But he looked at me and started to plea:
“I search for Love, Beauty and Truth,
But I fear they’re hidden from me.”

I told him of our new library;
He shook his head and a tear
appeared in his eye.
“No, my friend, the answers I seek
are not of questions that’s been asked of thee.”

Then he tole me of wonders unknown
And people (?) who have never known
Fear, Hate or Cruelty

The sun was setting as I asked of him
“Tell me, sir, how can I go where you’ve been?”
He took my hand and said “Follow me”
then led me to a sea

Before my eyes appeared Majestice Empires
Glorious Crusades, Magnificent Achievements.
And the Angel said, “This is where
mankind has been, and will continue to be.”

“You have passed through another door
Your world is now and forevermore.”

I awoke and looked all around me
The wind was still and the air was free
of sound.
I saw a familiar old elm tree
The Angel of the Lord was looking at me
And he waved.


©2012 Curt Larson


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