White River Description

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How much trouble can a seaplane pilot get into? Especially in a remote area where the pure beauty of nature takes one’s breath away and a pilot considers himself fortunate to be making a living doing what he loves most?

Weather problems occasionally, mechanical failures possibly, surly passengers once in a while, a group with too much gear going in or too much fish or game coming out resulting in semi-spirited discussions about rates for a second trip.

Hardly exciting reading.

What if a seaplane pilot got into real trouble? Hardly likely that terrorists will be invading the back country, no chance for corporate espionage or spy vs. spy, unless…

What about encroaching on satellite cyber-security from a remote location, with the perpetrators undetected and undisturbed? With their only connection to civilization a seaplane pilot who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time? The juxtaposition of the beauty and serenity of mother nature against the threat of nefarious individuals, particularly when those nefarious individuals get up close and personal.

White River is about a corporate exec who turned his back on the “good life” to pursue something he loved. And stumbles right into the middle of high-stakes espionage in the least likely of places.

And of course, a girl.

What’s the point of a good adventure story without a girl?

Great flying. Danger. A beautiful girl. All woven together in a tapestry that defines the majesty of flight and brings the view from the pilot’s seat straight to the reader.

If you’re a pilot, you’ll find the flying scenes richly described, evoking the signts and sounds and smells of the aerial ballet we’re familiar with. If  you’re not a pilot, you’ll feel like you’re behind the wheel, taking off and landing, with the canvas painted in your mind of what it’s like to fly.

White River is really a story about flying for the pure beauty of it. With enough adventure thrown in to make it exciting and a good-looking gal to make it all worthwhile.

White River.

Great flying. Beautiful country. Big trouble. And a girl.